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The Deputy for Educational Affairs has two main departments in its new structure.
A. Department of educational partnership and cooperation
B. Department of job trainings

A. Department of educational partnership and cooperation
This department is currently in charge of studying and assessing educational affairs, planning trainings and crash courses within the framework of the comprehensive training system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff
Main responsibilities are as follows:
1- Monitoring the flow of evaluations of the current rules and creating educational guidelines
2- Providing scholarships for domestic and international educational expeditions needed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3- Measuring educational needs
4- Planning training courses
5- Documenting training courses
6- Planning job-related training courses
7- Offering promotional courses (First consultant and First Secretary)
8- Holding briefing sessions for the staff prior to being dispatched on permanent missions
9- Offering language courses
10- Delineating and planning the courses need for rank promotion

B. Department of Job Trainings
This department is in charge of holding the Ministry-approved trainings for the staff. The department is incumbent mainly upon doing the following tasks:
1- Holding promotional courses to promote to First Consultant and First Secretary
2- Holding job training session and offering practical trainings upon employment
3- Offering language courses for the experts and officials
4- Holding briefing sessions prior to being dispatched on permanent missions
5- Giving exams on determining and changing ranks
6- Checking and verifying educational licenses and documents of the staff
7- Issuing certificates
8- Creating educational IDs for all personnel
9- Participation in constituting an educational data bank
10- Electronic education plans for applicants and their families

Phone: (0098 21) 2280 3679 - 2280 3681
Fax: (00 98 21) 22 80 2738 - 22 80 26 37
Address: Shaheed Aghaee St. Shaheed Bahonar Ave. (Niavaran) Tehran- Iran



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