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Deputy for Executive Affairs
• Codifying proposals and proffering agendas for executive activities in bureaucratic, welfare, financial, support and other relevant issues.
• Making necessary coordination between Deputy Generals of bureaucracy, finance and other relevant departments at the ministry to ensure the workflow within the organization.
• Supervision of budget allocation among different units and auditing expenditure.
• Making necessary plans for procuring financial means from approved sources.
• Monitoring evaluation methods and staffs performance according to approved guidelines.
• Supervision and coordination of notification procedures and information dissemination of the center
• Help attract necessary resources in order to improve the welfare of the personnel both qualitatively and quantitatively.
• Supervising financial flows to guarantee the expedition of the defined tasks.
• Supervising the procedures at different units in the center in order to bypass formalities and other red tapes and precipitate the workflow with a keen emphasis on employing new methods and modern technologies.
• Delineating the criteria for recruiting competent staff to supply human resources needed by the center.
• Making necessary executive arrangements and coordination with relevant organizations for holding seminars and conferences, domestic and international meetings

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