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Curriculum vitae
Morteza Damanpak Jami

Curriculum Vitae

Name : Morteza Damanpak Jami
Date of Birth : 23-08-1963
Marital Status : Married (has three children)
Nationality : Iranian
Address: Tehran, Shahid Aghaei Street, Shahid Bahonar (Bahonar) Avenue, Center for International Research and Education
Tel.: +9821-22 80 53 27-28
Fax: +9821-22 80 53 22


- PhD, International Relations, Allaame University of Tehran
- Master of Area Studies, Tehran University (2006 - 2008)
- B.Sc. in International Relations, College of International Relations, Tehran (1985 - 1989).
- High Level Course on International Law, College of International Relations, Tehran (1997 - 1998).
- Training Course for Promotion to First Secretary Level, MFA 1999.
- Special Course for Promotion to First Chancellor Level, MFA
Winter 2008
- Fluent in Persian and English (Writing and Speaking), Germany and French (Preliminary)
- Guest Professor, ECO College, 2006 - 2009


1989: Joined the Foreign Ministry as attaché and expert of International Specialized Agencies Department.
1991-1995: Third and Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vienna dealing with UNIDO, IAEA, Crime Prevention and Environmental Issues.
1996-1999: Director of International Issues, ECO Affairs Bureau of the Foreign Ministry.
1998: First Secretary, MFA.
2001: Third Chancellor, MFA.
1999-2001: Director of Multilateral Economic Cooperation, Economic Division, MFA.
2001-2004: Ambassador to Ethiopia and Accredited Ambassador to Djibouti.
2004-2006: Director of ECO Affairs Bureau, MFA, Ambassador to ECO.
2006-2009: Acting Director General for International Economic Cooperation,
MFA and Permanent Representative to ECO.
2009- 2012: Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark.
Since February 2013: Deputy for Research, Center for International Research and Education (CIRE) and Manager of Foreign Ministry Publication.


1992-1993: Rapporteur and Member of the Bureau of the 9th and 10th Sessions of the Industrial Development Board of UNIDO, Vienna.
1993-1994: Chairman of the Task for the G77 on UNIDO Matters in Vienna.
1995: Member of the Special Negotiation Group of the G77 and EU on the
Evaluation of the UNIDO Restructuring Plan, Vienna.
1997: Vice-Chairman of the Second Committee of the 53rd. Annual
Session of ESCAP, Bangkok.
1997-1998: Member of the High Level Expert Group of ECO on "ECO Scale of
Assessment", "Almaty Declaration" and Document of the Modalities,
Scopes and Procedures for Granting Observer/Dialogue
Partnership Status in ECO".
1999: Representative of Iran to the Working Group to assist the CPR of ECO, Tehran.
-Secretary of the Second Meeting of D-8 Workshop on the
Establishment of ITDB Network, Tehran, 1-2 December, 1999.
2001: Rapporteur of the 3rd Meeting of IOR-ARC Council of Ministers,
7-8 April 2001, Muscat, Oman.
2004-2009: Permanent Representative of Iran to ECO
2008: Member of D8 working group on the preparation of its basic documents and long term plan.
2009: Chairman of ECO Council of Permanent Representatives.
-Executive Secretary and Head of the Organizing Committee for holding the 10th Summit of ECO in Tehran
2013-2017 Member of the Academic Council of UNESCO International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS)
- Member of the D8 Eminent Persons Group
-Member of the National Committee of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register Program.


-Participation in more than 200 regional and international meetings, conferences and events including UN General Assembly, UNIDO and IAEA General Conferences, ECOSOC, World Economic Forum , ESCAP, ECO and D8 Summits and Ministerial Meetings, G15 Summit ,ECO Council of Permanent Representatives, etc.

-Participation in many seminars, round table discussions, live TV discussions, on issues relating to Iranian Foreign Policy, Economic Diplomacy, Regional and Multilateral cooperation, etc.


-Author of many reports, articles, strategy papers and briefings on various issues regarding Iranian Foreign Policy, regional and international organizations, economic diplomacy, disarmament, energy, etc., some of them printed in specialized journals, periodical and newspapers inside and outside the country.
-Author of the books entitled: Economic Diplomacy of Iran in Central Asia, printed in March 2010 by IPIS, Queries about Iran's Foreign Relations, Iran- Denmark Relations.



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