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International education and diplomatic training has a life of over a century in Iran. In the Hijri lunar year of 1278, the School of Political Science was constituted in Tehran to train politicians and statesmen in charge of foreign policy of the country. Afterwards during the next hundred years, as the necessity of professional education became more apparent, some institutes such as the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Tehran University and the International Relations Higher Education Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we made responsible for training experts and thus meeting the needs of the Diplomatic service in terms of expert personnel and diplomats.
After the Islamic Revolution, the institute was restructured in order to meet the new requirements and to enhance the professionalism and expert knowledge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been offering M.A courses on International Relations and its sub-fields since the Hijri lunar year 1361.
At the present time, the majority of diplomats and foreign policy experts serving in different positions of diplomatic capacity are the graduates of the School of International Relations and so far more than 700 of the students graduating from the School have been employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant Ministries and Organizations and hold political and non-political positions.
Goals and Educational Objectives
Since the year 2000, the School of International Relations has opened a new chapter in its activities and focused on relevant studies and practical trainings in order to prepare the prospective diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to face new challenges and help develop Islamic Republics relations with other countries. The School of International Relations offers two sub-fields of International Relations; "Diplomacy and International Organization" and "Regional Studies". In parallel with specialized trainings and academic curriculum, the School of International Relations runs its own independent international languages program.
The main academic curriculum and majors offered by the School of International Relations are as follows:
- Diplomacy and International Organizations
- New Diplomacy
- Peace, Security and International Organizations
- International Organizations and International law
- International Organizations and Human Rights
- International Organizations and Environment

- Regional Studies

- Persian Gulf Studies

- Middle East Studies

- Caspian Sea Studies

- Central Asian Studies

- South Asian Studies

- Far East Studies

- South East Asian Studies

International Languages Taught at the School of International Relations
The School of International Relations stands among the fewest higher education institutes of Iran which enjoys independent Languages Groups;
- English
- Arabic
- French
- Russian
- Spanish
The School of International Relations offers state-of-the-art facilities for teaching international languages. The students learn one of the languages as their main foreign language and another one as a secondary one through 800 hours of training.
Practical Trainings
The schools educational curriculum, offers theoretical and practical trainings to get the students ready for professional activities and attaining objective goals. The students will be equipped with an array of life time capabilities at the school of International Relations including mastering new languages, getting familiar with international negotiations, having a better perception of Quran and Islamic thoughts and also national literature, drafting and writing reports, public relations capacities, boosting their self-confidence and assertiveness, calligraphy and some opportunities to travel and polish their understanding of life. The students also have the chance to visit foreign countries within the framework of exchange programs with academic institutes of foreign countries.
Since the majority of the professor who teach at the School are senior diplomats of the ministry of foreign affairs, the students will have the chance to get familiar with the diplomatic personnel of the ministry and see the processes first-hand.
Domestic and International Scholarly Cooperation
The School of International Relations has close ties with various domestic scientific, educational and research institutes and puts its facilities and capabilities at their disposal. Enduring relations and scientific cooperation with local branches of international organizations and Tehran University Center for Higher Studies and other domestic universities will promote knowledge and contribute to accomplishing goals and carrying out joint projects.
In order to promote scientific cooperation with its counterpart universities in other countries to do joint projects and plans for professional trainings in the field of International Relations, International Law, International Organizations and Diplomacy, the School of International Relations has embarked on many projects in other countries and is actively pursuing scholarly relations.



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