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The Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) was founded in September 1983 in Tehran as one of the first think tanks in Iran after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 with the task of leading and encouraging the study and research on issues relevant to the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The scientific and analytic findings of the Institute are made available to senior
policy makers and interested scholars in the form of books, journals, bulletins and reports.


To conduct and promote independent research in the field of international relations;
To undertake and encourage the analysis, research and dissemination of knowledge in the political, economic, legal, strategic, security and cultural issues;
To collect and publish reliable information and assessments on international affairs;
To advocate the analytic understanding of issues affecting the Islamic Republic of Iran;
To provide consultations to policy makers and relevant departments of the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Research Projects:
Defining and producing Research projects and Reports in the fields of Political and International Affairs is one of the main activities of the IPIS. Projects proposed by foreign affair expert analysts and decision makers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are part of the necessary tools intended to be for academic use of scientific institutions and universities of the country.

Joint Scientific Cooperation:
Providing adequate support for a thorough mutual scientific cooperation with established national and international research institutions, universities and academic associations in order to offer scientific exchange is one of the main priorities of the IPIS. Organizing roundtables, exchanging publications and books, offering short term research and scientific courses and participating in conferences and roundtables offer opportunities for extensive research activity.


The Institute for Political and International Studies is a sub-division of the Deputy Foreign Minister for Education and Research. The scientific body of the IPIS is constituted of experts from the Ministry, Ambassadors, high rank diplomats, university professors, researchers and political analysts in international affairs. The Main executive body of the IPIS is made up of the following:

- Director General,
- Deputy Director General for Research,
- Directors for Research and Study Groups as below:
* Europe Studies
* America Studies
* Asia and Pacific Studies
* Central Asia and the Caucasus Studies
* Middle East and Persian Gulf Studies
* Africa Studies
* Strategic Studies
* Energy & International Economy Studies
* Communications and Information



The IPIS organizes seminars, roundtables, as well as annual conferences. More than 30 roundtables and seminars are organized every year between IPIS and other foreign research counterparts at home and abroad in which bilateral and multilateral issues are discussed.

To promote open discussions on contemporary international developments, the IPIS organizes annual international conferences in two major issues :

o The Intl Conference on Persian Gulf ( since 1990)
o The Intl Conference on Central Asia and the Caucasus (since 1993)

Other international conferences also have been organized on specific subjects:
o Intl Conference of Islamic World: Challenges and Opportunities 22- 23 December 2003
o Intl Conference on Energy and Security in the Indian Ocean, 14-15 February 2004
o Intl Conference on Reforms of the United Nations, 17-18 July 2005
o Intl Conference on Energy and Security: Asian Vision, 12 - 13 March 2006
o Intl Conference on Regional & Global Consequences of Aggression against Lebanon:, 7 August 2006
o Intl Conference on Latin America ( 27 February, 2007)
o Third Intl Conference of Imam Khomeiny and Foreign Policy: Ethics in International Relations (March 2009)

IPIS also offers a platform for scientific and political lectures related to international issues presented by personalities. These lectures are organized in weekly and monthly bases with participation of prominent foreign guests, diplomats and professionals.


The IPIS regards the publication of its research findings as an important part of its activities and therefore books, articles and special research papers are regularly published and put at the disposal of all interested readers:

* The Journal of Foreign Policy
* Central Asia and the Caucasus Review
* The Iranian Journal of International Affairs (in English)
* African Studies
* Amu Darya (on Central Asia and Caucasus) (in English and Russian)
* Events and Analysis Monthly

Edition and translation of books, dealing with international issues, is one of the main policies of the IPIS. Every year more than 10 subjects resulting from the research elaborated by the IPIS experts and other academic and independent university researchers are published. Selected articles of the organized conferences as well as the result of the roundtables and seminars are also published.

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