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News > Meeting of Dr. Soleimanpour with Norwegian Think Tank

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Meeting of Dr. Soleimanpour with Norwegian Think Tank

On 25th of Farvardin 1393 Dr. Soleimanpour, the head of the CIRE, in meeting with Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken, the Director of the PRIO institute and the head of Norwegian delegation, expressed the need for enhancing the Abrahamian Dialogue to consolidate global peaceful coexistence based on the Eastern and Western values.
The Norwegian experience on peace and reconciliation activities throughout some conflicts let Dr. Soleimanpour to express his ideas of the opportunity provided for the PRIO to take part for exchange of views with Iranian counterparts. He said the growth of extremism should not be underestimated, as new developments in the Middle East might create a new kind of geo-political balancing in the region. To control extremism there is a need to prevent unconstructive competition among the major regional countries, and think-tanks as a duty should get more involved into interactions resulting in resolution of the causes which might escalate existing situations throughout the region. He pointed out that West-Asia needs more cooperation and EU, by choosing appropriate strategic approaches based on persuasive policies, can play a significant role.
Both sides agreed to improve their existing cooperation and enhance dialogues among academia and think-tanks organizations.

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