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News > The Message of his Excellency Dr. Salehi, The Minister of Foreign Affair, To the 21st Persian Gulf International Conference

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The Message of his Excellency Dr. Salehi, The Minister of Foreign Affair, To the 21st Persian Gulf International Conference

It is certainly a pleasure today to be in the company of distinguished scholars, thinkers and Iranian and foreign guests and I extend my most ardent greetings to all of you today and bid welcome to our honorable guests. I would like express my heartfelt sorrow on not being able to attend this event due to an international trip; nonetheless I wish you prosperity and good luck. 
As one of the most important geographical areas of the world, the Persian Gulf region has experienced an armful of ups and downs in the course of history and is still facing socio-political developments emanating from some of the countries in the region. Regional and trans-regional powers have always cast covetous eyes on the massive energy reserves of the region and for the same reason they have embarked on military campaigns in the region in order to safeguard their own political, influence and economic interests in this area.
The Persian Gulf is of vital importance to all of the regional countries and this importance is multifold for the Islamic Republic of Iran due to having the longest borders with this waterway.
Recent developments in the Islamic World and the Islamic Awakening has dressed the region in new clothes and changed the political texture of this area which consequently has made the need for a comprehensive cooperation among the countries in this region. The western powers, particularly the USA, have pursued a policy of divide and rule in the region to disseminate baseless phobias and foment contentions in order to hamper regional convergence.
Since its very outset, the Islamic Republic of Iran has extended a hand for friendship and fraternity towards its Arab brothers in the region and has demonstrated its good-hearted intentions towards the neighbors, a practical example of which was revealed during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait when the Islamic Republic of Iran demonstrated its will for peaceful coexistence and good neighborliness and to this purpose condemned the occupation and had the utmost cooperation with Kuwait.
Religious, cultural, political,, economic and social commonalities and more importantly the immutable fact of being neighbors demands us to learn from our past and maintain hopes in a bright future promising new horizons for cooperation and empathy and for that matter we need to employ the capabilities and potentials of the countries to bring about a synergy of forces which will lead to economic development, and thus create an efficient system for comprehensive security, economic, and political cooperation through which we will be able to repel the intruders and make our destinies in our own hands and heed not the incendiary murmurings of the malevolent influences. Its obvious that these conferences and meetings and exchanges of views will help delineate a roadmap for cooperation among the countries in the region and aid the Persian Gulf statesmen in realizing their objectives.
At the end, my gratitude goes to Hormozgan’s governor and other provincial officials and I am particularly grateful to the Institute for Political and International Studies. I wish all of you happiness and prosperity and an enjoyable stay in Bandar Abbas and a safe trip home.

Ali Akbar Salehi
Minister of Foreign Affair of the Islamic Republic of Iran, March 2013

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